Skates – Wax Laces vs. Non-Wax


Whether you are playing pickup hockey in the Greater Toronto Area or even at the pro level, it’s vital that you have good laces on your skates. So, are wax laces or non-wax laces better? That’s going to come down to personal opinion, but we have listed some of the biggest advantages to both styles below. Advantages of Using Wax Laces The main reason why...


Helmet – Visor vs. a Metal Cage for Pickup Hockey


Wondering whether you should use a visor or a metal cage for pickup hockey in Toronto or some other area? Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both below. Visor Advantages and Disadvantages The obvious advantage of using a visor in pickup hockey over a metal cage is that you will have better visibility. As long as you keep it clean, it almost...


Closing the Gap on Defense


Gap control is essential if you want to be a good all-around hockey player. It’s true that defensemen will be using this skill more often than forwards, but everyone should know how to properly close the gap. Closing the gap is important at every level. Even if you are playing pickup hockey in Toronto, you should be trying to get better at gap control. In...


Player Responsibility on the Ice and to Your Team


What makes hockey such a great sport is that it everyone has to be good teammates in order to be successful. You simply are not going to find winning hockey teams, no matter how skilled they are, that do not work well together and have good chemistry. It is up to each individual player to add to their team’s chemistry. This is true when playing...


Great Goalies – NHL, RUSSIA, EUROPE


NHL Patrick Roy – There are plenty of hockey fans and hockey pros who think that Roy was easily the best NHL goalie of all-time. At the very least, he’s the best butterfly goalie we’ve ever seen. Roy made 11 All-Star teams in his career, won four Stanley Cups, and he is second on the all-time wins list with 551. Martin Brodeur – Brodeur could...

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