The History of Shinny Hockey


Shinny is a form of pickup hockey that has been around for nearly a century and a half. In fact, it is what led to the formation of what we know hockey to be today. It is beloved by hockey fans of all ages because it’s a way to go out and play the game they love without having to know anyone else on the…


History of Hockey in the Greater Toronto Area


Montreal might be known as the birthplace of hockey, but the greater Toronto area is also a significant part of the sport’s roots. No one can say for sure when a Toronto native first picked up a stick and hit the ice, but we do know when hockey officially became a hit in the city. As you might have expected, the history of hockey in…


10 Interesting Facts about Pickup Ice Hockey


So you want to learn about pickup hockey, do ya? Well, that makes sense since pickup ice hockey in Toronto is a great way to get some exercise and, of course, get a chance play this great sport. In fact, pickup hockey has spread from Canada to USA, Russia, Sweden, China, and many other countries around the globe. Below are 10 interesting facts about pickup…


Why I enjoy playing pickup hockey?


As a kid growing up in Toronto born to Italian parents that migrated from Italy. The opportunity to play organized pickup hockey was never insight nor in the budget. I always felt that I missed out on my childhood dreams to play pickup ice hockey but that did not stop me from learning and practicing every opportunity I had. My first pair of skates; I…


GTA Hockey Club a community network of adult hockey clubs and a growing membership of recreational hockey players


GTA Hockey Club is fun! What is GTA Hockey Club? Its a community network of adult hockey clubs and a growing membership of recreational hockey players that have access to pickup hockey in their cities. Our focus is growing our Hockey community of players and pickup hockey clubs/groups. Its a simple formula (More clubs + more players + more cities + more members) = full rosters….

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