10 Interesting Facts about Pickup Ice Hockey

So you want to learn about pickup hockey, do ya? Well, that makes sense since pickup ice hockey in Toronto is a great way to get some exercise and, of course, get a chance play this great sport. In fact, pickup hockey has spread from Canada to USA, Russia, Sweden, China, and many other countries around the globe.
Below are 10 interesting facts about pickup ice hockey and why it’s awesome!
1. Pickup hockey is for people of all ages. Even if you are older and have never played a game of hockey in your life, there is a pickup hockey game out there for you.
2. You don’t have to be a great hockey player to play pickup hockey. All you’ll usually need is a hockey bag, a hockey stick and a willingness to be a good teammate.
3. Don’t worry if you aren’t comfortable with skating yet. You should have no problem getting some skating lessons wherever you decide to play your pickup ice hockey.
4. Everyone was new to pickup hockey at some point, so most players are totally willing to help out the newcomers. Don’t hesitate to ask your teammates about any rules you’re unsure of or if you just want a refresher.
5. Pickup ice hockey is a great way to meet new people with common interests. This is one of the main reasons why many people decide to play pickup hockey!
6. Pickup hockey is excellent for relieving the stress of the workweek. There’s nothing like stepping on the ice and playing some hockey for a couple of hours after a tough day at the office!
7. Pickup hockey is inexpensive considering how much you are getting out of it. Even if you splurge for the best hockey equipment you can find, it’ll be a one-time investment and you’ll be ready to play hundreds of hours of hockey!
8. There are plenty of places to play pickup ice hockey. Pickup hockey in the Greater Toronto Area is growing rapidly so it’s very easy to find a pickup game at www.GTAHOCKEYCLUB.com - check us out! Can't find a suitable game? Then just ask and we can direct you to one of our affiliate hockey clubs.
9. Players know not to shoot when someone is in front of the net, so don’t worry about that being hit by the puck. Pickup hockey is all about being safe while having a fun time out on the ice.
10. Want to feel like a kid again? Well, a very easy way to get that feeling back is to get on the ice and play some pickup hockey. You will look forward to it every week and it will scratch that same itch you had when you were younger.

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