Mouth Guards Myth or Fact – Should a player use them in pickup hockey?


Everyone knows that mouth guards were created to protect hockey players against injuries, but are they necessary for pickup hockey? That is a question that has been up for debate for decades now, but people are starting to see both the short term and the long term benefits of mouth guards. While you don’t necessarily have to wear a mouth guard while playing pickup hockey...


History of the Hockey Stick


Let’s take a look at how the hockey stick has changed over the years… 1800's The hockey stick came to be in the middle decades of the 1800's in Nova Scotia. The stick was made from the horn beam tree, which was known for its very strong wood. Other trees, such as the yellow birch, were used soon afterward. These early hockey sticks looked like...


Skate Sharpening Angles


When people are first getting into hockey, they are often confused about how they should get their skates sharpened. They might actually assume that everyone has the same blades on their skates at every level. Well, to understand skate sharpening angles, all you have to do is know why players get their skates sharpened a certain way. This way you will know the advantages and...


GTAHC ANNUAL SHINNY CUP GAME – Friday April 14th, 2017 @ 10 pm RINK 1


GTAHC members, As we closely approach an end to our winter season; we are all looking forward to the SHINNY CUP GAME. The Shinny Cup is the most covenant pickup hockey trophy that is up for grabs for us athletes. Donated in 2016 by Level12 Auto, the cup has undergone several alterations, with broken arena sticks, nuts, bolts, washers, plastic board and the finest fabricated...


The History of Shinny Hockey


Shinny is a form of pickup hockey that has been around for nearly a century and a half. In fact, it is what led to the formation of what we know hockey to be today. It is beloved by hockey fans of all ages because it’s a way to go out and play the game they love without having to know anyone else on the...

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