GTA HOCKEY CLUB pickup hockey blog is for information about latest news, products, events and cool social hockey community information for our shinny members. This allows you the opportunity provide your thoughts and feedback related to our network of pickup hockey clubs, its members and the sport of hockey.

GTA Hockey Club is the perfect place for you to play pickup hockey when you don't have time or money for a regular league. There is no commitment to make, just access our main page or Games or Who’s playing page to see a listing of events and rosters. Simply pick an available time slot, pay in advance or pay@rink and play. Pickup Hockey games can be scheduled at a variety of arenas by our network of organizers throughout various cities across Canada, USA, Europe and the world.

GTA Hockey Club is the #1 Organized Pickup Hockey Site for recreational shinny ice hockey players. Easy member signup, 5 second game signup, prepay or pay@rink options. We also provide hockey organizers the option of using to organize their games in their cities. Easy game setup, game/roster management to assist each organizer to fill their pickup hockey games with our growing membership of recreational hockey players.

Come out and play pickup hockey when you have time. There's no need to join a league to play the sport you love. Find a game that fits your schedule; then sign up and play.

We would like take this opportunity to thank the membership for their continued support. Our goal is to grow our network of pickup hockey clubs, provide more games options for players geographically and continue promoting the sport of hockey.

Sign up today and hope you can join us for the next game!

No Member Fees. No Commitment Necessary. Simply Sign-up and Play!

Pickup shinny hockey on your schedule.

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Anthony and Joe


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