Free Membership to Play Pick Up Hockey

In searching the internet, organized leagues, message boards, blogs, arenas, community centres and fitness related facilities we realized that most required full payment in advance for registration to join a sport you love. At times this could be a very costly commitment. We realized that playing any sport required flexibility in commitments, affordable low price and at scheduled time that fits your busy schedule. This is why we created GTA Hockey Club in order to offer regular pick up hockey games on your schedule. Simply Sign up, Pay and Play.

At GTA Hockey Club our objective is to bring you flexibility in joining an organized pick up hockey game at an affordable price. We search locally for available facilities to ensure that we can provide you our players with a fun enjoyable experience playing a sport you enjoy without emptying your pocketbook.

Pick up hockey Photo

We know that joining an organized game of pick up hockey with people you do not know can be challenging for beginners and even for seasoned athletes; here you have lots of choices from real beginners to the advanced player. This is why we keep things simple and guarantee our experience. You can feel confident that our pre-organized pick up hockey game meets your level of play and are always at very competitive prices.

We are CO-ED friendly organization and welcome all skill levels of play. Join the pick up hockey movement today!

Just go to our Join Now page and begin your journey with us.

Congratulations to the Shinny Cup Champs!

GTA Hockey Club Code of Conduct:
Integrity, fairness and respect 

  1. Respect the rules
  2. Respect the game
  3. Respect your opponent
  4. Give everyone an equal chance to participate
  5. Maintain your self-control at all times

These games are unsupervised and just for fun; there are no refs, and no captains.  Be smart and play safe!