Player Responsibility on the Ice and to Your Team

What makes hockey such a great sport is that it everyone has to be good teammates in order to be successful. You simply are not going to find winning hockey teams, no matter how skilled they are, that do not work well together and have good chemistry.

It is up to each individual player to add to their team’s chemistry. This is true when playing pickup hockey in the Greater Toronto Area and it’s true when you are on a professional team. The easiest way to add to a team’s chemistry is to stay in your position and be a good team player. If someone else has a better shot on goal than you do and you can get a pass to them, always do just that.

Part of a hockey player’s job is keeping his or her composure no matter what happens on the ice. That means that even if you miss two wide open shots in a row, you need to remember your responsibilities on the ice. You need to get back on defense and then try to make up for those errors as the game goes on.

On top of keeping your composure, you also have to help your teammates to do the same when they are having tough periods and/or games. A team can never have enough leaders, so you should always be trying to lead your team in any way that you can. If a teammate makes a mistake or is not positioning themselves correctly, don’t hesitate to help them out.

There is nothing wrong with showing a little bit of emotion on the ice, but you have to do it in the right ways. Every bit of outward emotion should be positive, such as celebrating with your team when you score or being a positive player with your teammates when they need your help.

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